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I'm Noah Rosenberg, an American-Israeli musician, musical writer, and actor living in Falmouth, Cornwall. I've been writing music (in essentially any style, although I specialize in Jazz & Rock) for the past 8 years (currently with 5 released albums). In 2022 & 2023, I wrote and directed two original musicals; combining my love of music with a childhood dream of being a writer and director. I am now studying Musical Theatre at Falmouth University, in hopes of making a name for myself in the international theatre world.

Additionally,  I started "The Razz & The Rose", a Con-Fusion band fusing Jazz, Rock, Musical Theatre & occasionally Cowboy. With high ambitions, we are gigging in Falmouth & around Cornwall.


At the same time, I think it's very important to balance your time and expand your creative boundaries. Thus, I have many different hobbies (rock climbing, parkour, scuba diving, riding motorcycles, learning languages, etc.) and I tend to be working on a minimum of 4 projects at any given time. I like taking adventures, exploring the world, and gaining new perspectives and influences that fuel my ambition to succeed and inspire.

Skillwise, my main instruments are piano & vocals, but I feel comfortable using others (bass, drums, ukelele, and harmonica). I have extensive experience with Logic Pro and MuseScore, and working in professional-grade studios (as both a producer and sound engineer). I’ve played for venues, and concerts, and also worked as ‘the sound guy’ for larger school events, and professional plays.


If you’re interested in working with me (as either a collaboration or a commission) I love exploring new ideas and always enjoy a good challenge. So if you have an idea, feel free to email me at


2023 - Present – Falmouth Univerisity 1st Year Musical Theatre Student 2019 - 2023 — Anglican International School Jerusalem (AISJ), Israel — IB Courses 9th grade - 12 grade ●Cumulative GPA: 3.73 ●IB courses: ○English A HL ○Environmental Systems and Societies ○Mathematics AI SL ●MSA courses: ○Business Studies ○Sound design ●Independent Studies: ○Music Composition and Writing ○Music Theory ○Russian Language ○Spanish Language



Acting, dancing, singing. Instruments: Piano, Keys, Vocals, Ukulele, & Harmonica Composition: Have experience composing film scores and musical scores. Software: Proficient in Logic Pro X & MuseScore Studio Experience with Sound Engineering & Production Strong Social Skills: Extroverted, People Person, & Highly Collaborative Leadership: Leading Bands, Classes, Clubs, & Projects



English – Native Speaker Hebrew – Fluent Spanish – Conversational Russian – Basics


January 2024 – "Femme" – Actor for short film I acted in a film about the struggles of women's lives, where I played an abusive partner. It was a difficult role, but I chose it because I believed in the story and it's message. Nov 2023 – "Flight for Food" – Film Score I composed an original score for an animated student film. Oct 2021 - June 2023 — AISJ, Israel — Assistant Band Teacher & Musical Club Founder & Leader I was an assistant band teacher for two years, where I led a group of 5-7 students in writing & composing a song. I also simultaneously lead the first official Senior-High Musical Club with over 40 students, for 2 years (with two productions). March 2022 - June 2022 — “Meadow & the Medleys” — Orginal Musical ●I wrote, composed, and directed a full, original musical, with a close friend. ●We were in charge of organizing 30+ students to create the production. ●The process spanned 5 and half months of work. ●We raised $432 for charity to “CrossRoads Jerusalem” an organization for teenage mental health care. July 2022 - March 2023 — “Vines of Decay” — Second Original Musical ●After the success of my previous production, I independently wrote, composed and directed a sequel. ●I used the knowledge and skills I gained from my prior work to make a higher-quality production. ●We raised over $620 for charity, after performing two sold-out shows. April - June 2023 – Improv & Sketch Night I worked alongside CrossRoads teens to create 5 original sketches and 4 improv games at a local theatre. September 2022 - March 2023 — AISJ, Israel — Big Brother Program I volunteered for a ‘big brother’ program in my school, helping challenged younger children. Every week I would meet up with my ‘little brother’ and would help with homework, building social skills, and just spending time with him to make him feel more comfortable in school and have a positive older figure in his life. Jan - Feb 2023 – CBDB Production – Sound Engineer and set assistant. I joined a local production of "My Name is Asher Lev" as a set assistant (helping in any way the crew needed) and as a sound engineer for the productions.

4 Academic Merit Awards – AISJ ●Academic Excellence; Averaging a GPA above 3.5 2 Music Awards – AISJ ●Highest Performing Musical Student in the School Indepdent Study Award – AISJ ●Highest achievement of self-study in Musical Theory & Composition George Khoury Award – AISJ ●Displaying a dedication to bringing international students together, and being a good representative of my countries.

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