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Noah Rosenberg's latest musical "Vines of Decay" puts you into the mind of the villainous best friend, Grace, from “Meadow & the Medleys”. The self-proclaimed "Queen of Middlebury High" is faced with the reality that maybe she isn't all she thinks she is. She needs to spend her entire summer being tutored in math, is introduced to the manifestations of her emotions, and must come to terms with her identity.  


In this year's exciting performance, watch family drama, love interests bloom, and unexpected twists and turns unfold. 

Our production has come to close (after two incredible performances) and you can watch the full musical on our YouTube channel, below:


Full Musical on YouTube

"Vines of Decay" is happy to announce that the full musical performance is available to watch in its entirety (for free) on our YouTube channel. Click below to watch it, and enjoy our cast & crew's hard work...

Donating Proceeds

As our production is closely tied to mental health and teenagers, we have chosen to donate all of the proceeds to "CrossRoads Jerusalem", a local teenage mental health organization. For more info, click below... 

Keep up with the process...

This year we documented the whole process. Watch our weekly updates with behind-the-scenes looks into rehearsals, building the set, introductions to the cast, and information about the upcoming, "VINES OF DECAY" ALBUM!


To keep up with production, follow the “Vines of Decay” Instagram & TikTok pages!

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