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The cast of "Meadow and the Medleys" is a beautifully diverse group of students from AISJ (Anglican International School of Jerusalem). From grades MY1 – DY1, there are people from all walks of life coming together to perform. Take a moment to learn a little more about the real people behind their characters...


Deborah Radyshevsky as 'Sadness'

"I am really happy to be in the Musical. I love the music and the script and everyone's enthusiasm and creativity. I have participated in theater productions before, but never when it was completely organized by students which is impressive."


Laurice Naoum as 'Grace'

"Playing grace was personally, extremely refreshing. It was interesting how meadow would have such a manipulative, obsessed, and highly self-involved “best friend”, as well as seeing how these close friends contrast. Playing her was even more interesting. I love playing someone who isn’t exactly the best person, because it gives me an outlook as to how some people actually are in real life. Grace is a horrible friend and I even wanted to strangle grace after reading the script, so I wouldn’t blame the audience for wanting to as well by the end. I enjoyed every part of rehearsals where the jealousy would show so passive-aggressively. It was almost humorous watching and hearing myself while acting as grace.  It was also very enjoyable to act with my other fellow actors/actresses and I cannot wait to see the final play out for everyone to see and enjoy!"


Maxime Kayiteria as 'Mr. Youdinar'

"I have truly enjoyed my time acting in this play, it has developed many skills that will benefit me in the future, it has also opened my eyes to the realities of theatre."


Taline Gerrish as 'Positivity'

"During this process, I have been very impressed with the writing and directing of Milana and Noah. They have been a great influence and help throughout this journey. I have enjoyed playing positivity because it was interesting playing an emotion rather than an actual person. I am excited to see how this musical will influence others and to see if more fun musicals will occur in the future from the best directors in the industry - Milana Gerrish and Noah Rosenberg"


Chiara CeCere as 'Compulsion'

"At first when I saw the Meadow and the Medleys poster in the hallway I wanted to join but I was really nervous. After a lot of convincing from friends and family, I decided to go for it. This journey has been great from the start. I have met so many amazing and talented people. Each practice brings so much fun and something new to learn helping me better my acting and singing skills. I am so grateful I did this."


Hannah Callura as 'Meadow'

"Working as a main character in this musical has been a very fun experience. In practice, it feels like a little family, and you really get a chance to get close to people whom you might not have been close with before. In addition, the lines and songs were simple to learn. A challenge during this process was probably playing a character that is the polar opposite of my personality, but with that, I got to improve my acting skills."


Ane Ayestaran as 'Negativity'

"Hello my name is Ane and I perform as negativity. I love the musical club and all the members everyone is so talented, hardworking, and easy to work with. I wanted to extend a special thanks to Milana and Noah for all their time and dedication, they are both extremely talented and kind individuals and are always there for you in any situation. This musical is their marvelous creation"

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